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About Terengganu

After so much effort you have spent on the conference, it is time to relax and enjoy yourself. A day with remarkable tour will definitely create joyous moments that you’ll never forget in this blessed and amazing state. Make yourself free to browse the remaining page to explore traditional experiences with its unique heritage to uncover. Find out more about interesting places and activities that you could do during your stay in Terengganu.

The capital for Kemaman district is Chukai, Some basic infrastructure such as shopping mall and cinema can be found in the city area. Chukai is famous for stuffed crab, seafood and good coffee. Try Tong Juan Restaurant and the coffee, toast and kaya spread of Kedai Kopi Hai Ping.

Adjoining is Kuala Kemaman, a little fishing village which is famous of otak-otak, satar and ikan bakar. The jetty at Kuala Kemaman river are crowded with home coming fishing boat every evening. Perhaps they are one of the supply sources for the yummie fresh catched crab, otak-otak (fish meat well-marinated in spices and wrapped in coconut leaves) and ikan bakar in Kemaman area.

The development of Kemaman has lot to do with the petroleum refine activities in Kerteh. Kemaman Port which is a few kilometers outside the town center is the main port  to anchor the large oil tankers anchor.

Fireflies Boat Cruise di Sungai Yak Yah: Take a cruise along Sungai Yak Yah (Yak Yah River) to view one of nature’s most amazing phenomena. As night falls, the riverbanks turn into a grand theatre where hundreds of fireflies form a symphony of lights. This astounding natural attraction is sitated about 15km from Kijal. To go on a visitors can make arrangements with local tour operators.

Kemaman Zoo should be in your list of visit if you’re touring in Kemaman. The zoo is open everyday from 9 am to 5 pm. The zoo requires you to pay a minimum fee of RM10 for adults and RM7 for kids. Even though it is claimed to be a mini zoo, but the space of the compound is very large and homed to many variety of animals comprising largely of birds, elephants, tigers, orang utan, crocodiles, tapirs and some local river fishes.
While visiting Terengganu recently, off we went on a squid jigging (candat sotong) trip, one of the most popular activities to indulge in while in this East Coast state.